Mama, I'm Swollen - Cursive

What the hell happened here? 

Mama, I'm Swollen was released on the indie-friendly Saddle Creek record label (Bright Eyes,Sorry About Dresden, Tokyo Police Club, Art in Manila, Criteria) this February. I am sad to report, this album is void of any emotional edge or flavor of any sense. As is the established norm with Cursive, lyrics include a pretentious attempt to mirror the highly intellectual words of other alt-indie artists. Problem is, these guys simply are not that smart.

This album is boring, lifeless and heartless. Of the ten songs on the album, I only particularly enjoyed "In the Now," "From the Hips," and "Mama, I'm Satan." In the Now is a rock-driven anthem song with lyrics proclaiming ignorance as bliss, "Don't want to live in the now! Don't want to know what I know!" From the Hips is a sexy tune addressing human's aptitude for communication through body contact. Good shit. Lastly, the only song that is truly worth your time on this album is the beautiful "Mama, I'm Satan." The song fluctuates from serene to haunting. Smooth music accompanies light lyrics for the first few seconds of the song until Tim Kasher reminds us ignorant music addicts - "The ego of mankind stirs in us all." This quasi ballad then assumes the role of a chilling expose of the evil in society's collective soul. Yeah, this song is gnarly, but it alone is not enough to save this album.

Review Score: 6 out of 10

Wait scratch that, just found out one of the band members shares the name of the Alaskan senator that created the bill funding the "Bridge to Nowhere."

Review Score: 5 out of 10


  1. Ted Fuckin Stevens!! If you ever get a chance, look for his explanation on the Senate floor of what he thought the internet is. Priceless. "The internet is a series of tubes..."

  2. And you see.. these tubes get clogged up.. that's why it takes me so long to check my email in the mornings