Attica! Attica! "Napalm & Nitrogen"

Often in music the age-old adage "You get what you pay for" is routinely rebutted by outstanding free releases. Taking a look at bands like Bomb the Music Industry! Cheap Girls, and O'Pioneers! proves my point. Unfortunately, folk band Attica! Attica!'s latest release leaves listeners feeling like they were ripped off, even if the album was free.

"Napalm & Nitrogen" runs at 31 minutes, with 11 songs about an aging punk rocker bitching and whining about how the world has left him behind. Attica! Attica! consist of Aaron Scott (formerly of De La Hoya and Marathon) and a couple of washed up punk rockers he could scrounge up to accompany him on tour for a week or two.

Aaron's songs are very catchy and sing along friendly, however the lyrics are elementary and off putting. Countless music aficionados accuse younger folk song writers like Conor Oberst of being "too whiney, bordering on emo," but when an older guy like Aaron relates the popularity of the President among songwriters to "the death of art" without being scolded forces me to raise the hypocrisy card.

Without exaggerating, every single track on "Napalm & Nitrogen" somehow relates to Aaron's depression, loneliness, or angst for happy teenagers. It's repetitive, annoying, and overall frustrating.

Don’t bother with TV
The networks never show the Broncos, it’s regional coverage
They do it to spite me
Why go out to the street?  I hate the neighbors
How am I supposed to act like Elway if they won’t let me play QB
Believe it

Yep, those are actual lyrics from this album. If you can get past the lyrics, 'Napalm & Nitrogen" is a pretty fun listen. Several songs have gang vocals and string sections making Attica! Attica! a great band to listen to with friends around. If shallow lyrics don't phase you, you may very well enjoy "Napalm & Nitrogen." And hey, it's free so you might as well give it a shot.

Review Score: 5.1/10

Download "Napalm & Nitrogen" here- http://atticaattica.org/download/

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