Joe Pug- Pioneer of a New Americana

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Joe Pug. Joe is a man as weathered as his raspy voice, with lyrics that shine a beacon of enlightenment, emancipating human emotions from the souls of both artist and audience.

Pug was born in North Carolina, where we would attend the University of North Carolina while working on a stage production dubbed "Austin Fish." Upon the advent of his senior year, Joe decided he was desperately unhappy in North Carolina and abruptly moved to Chicago. Perhaps seeking purpose, Pug began to play guitar again, a hobby he had not practiced in years.

As Pug's interest in producing his play dampened, he began to construct songs around the play's content. What little cash Joe had at the time went towards impromptu studio sessions. Pug's simplistic approach allowed him to complete a seven song EP in just a few weeks.

Featuring little more than an acoustic guitar, harmonica, and Pug himself, Nation of Heat seems nearly counterculture in an era that embraces complicated production and high tech audio engineering. This promising release has already caught the ear of music critics across the country, paving the way for Pug to perform at numerous music festivals including Lollapalooza, South by Southwest and Bonnaroo.

The universal appeal of Joe Pug derives from his simplicity, honesty, and the brutality of his disturbingly truthful lyrics. Nation of Heat represents a strong leap backwards. Pug courageously steps away from modern music and echoes the style of Bob Dylan while incorporating themes and motifs exclusive to the 21st century. While Pug's music may echo the past, his lyrics are ahead of their time.

As he finishes production of his debut album, Pug has made a free EP named In the Meantime available to fans. If Pug visits your town, go to a show. The next time he returns it may be in a sold out stadium.

Joe Pug's Website
Excellent fan-produced music video for Nation of Heat
Daytrotter Session

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